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Closer Look: Green Glyphs Tarot

Before we get into this Closer Look at the tarot deck I have a couple of quick updates:

  •  You can now add a 2nd Box Set at the early bird price in the add-ons. The Early Bird Box Set tier will close tomorrow at 12 PM Pacific Time. After this Box Sets will be priced at $165!
  •  We've added a bit more inventory for Gilded Lily Pins and Sticker Sheets. These will likely not be made again so this is the last of the last. You can also find these in the add-on menu after you select your shipping country. You can access the add-on menu by clicking "manage my pledge"
  •  I will be doing a live unboxing on Instagram TODAY at 5pm Pacific Time. I will be doing another on TikTok at 8pm Pacific Time! 

And now without further ado, Green Glyphs Tarot!

The Green Glyphs Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that follows the meanings of the traditional Tarot system. If you are new to Tarot, this is an excellent deck to begin with as the cards are color-coded based on the positive or negative aspects of the card. Cards with a large presence of yellows and golds are generally uplifting and cards with orange are unfortunate. 

A Tarot deck is split into two parts: the major and minor arcana. The deck begins with the major arcana, a group of 22 cards that explore the fool’s journey and the cyclical nature of life. I created the major arcana as one continuous panorama image. Each card "connects" to the card before it, with the final card, The World, connecting back to the fool. Because, well, as I like to say "at the end is the beginning again".

The minor arcana is comprised of 56 cards split into 4 different suits. Typically the suits are as follows: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. In the Green Glyphs Tarot deck, the four suits are nearly the same with the exception of Pentacles replaced by stones. Initially, I struggled with creating the suit of Pentacles. I've never connected with this suit, even with Prisma Visions it was the one that took me the longest. Every time I approached the suit, I got stuck-- it felt like it was out of place from the rest of the deck. So I let go of control and let my mind wander. I pulled stones from the earth aspects of Pentacles and worked them into a suit of their own.

Like the major arcana, each of the minor arcana suits tells a story. I created these stories to not only add a second layer to the meanings in each card but also as a learning tool for new Tarot readers. 

The suit of Wands tells the story of how humans found magic:

The suit of Cups tells the story of how elephants came to carry water:

The suit of swords tells the story of how the sun and moon created the stars: 

The suit of stones tells the story of how the sea formed the land:

Tarot can be read by anyone. There are many misconceptions about Tarot and divination that I attempt to overcome with the decks that I create. Tarot can be an amazing tool for meditation, self-reflection, and healing. It can be used sparingly for the big questions or used daily for affirmations and reminders. Reading Tarot is not something you learn in a day, but is a practice that you spend a lifetime improving and deepening. 

A Tarot deck is an object that should be treasured and even regarded as an extension of yourself. The card meanings are vague enough that they can be adapted to any situation. Tarot is infinite, and no two readings are really ever the same.   

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