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Full (Pink) Moon in Libra


The moonrise on the night of April 6, 2023 will radiate with the endearing, yet balancing astrological energy of Libra. Named after the blooming wildflowers of Spring, “The Pink Moon”, will ask us to find harmony amidst the chaos and realize the beauty in ending cycles. 

As the true lovers of the zodiac, Libra will bathe the first full moon of Spring with the need for restoration, balance, and mending (or manifesting) interpersonal relationships around us. The moon will illuminate with this energy and encourage us to seek out socialization, love, and creative projects as we slowly ease our way out of winter hibernation.

As the moon enters the realm of our charming air sign, Libra, the sun will simultaneously be conjunct with Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer. With Chiron's placement and our current season of Aries in mind, this full moon is expected to bring a much-needed reveal of our emotional triggers, harmful patterns, and other points of tension that lie within ourselves, but more significantly, within our relationships. Libra's need for fairness and innate desire to nurture their one-on-one relationships will be an aid in bringing these hidden truths to the surface. During this time it will be important to remember that while looking critically at yourself or your partner and friends may not be easy, when done with care and sensitivity, it can lead to more fortified relationships able to withstand the many years to come.

To fully embrace the positive aspects of full moon magic, consider performing rituals to honor the moon and manifest its energy into your days. Mindful meditations, journaling, and insightful tarot spreads can help facilitate release and closure, making it easier to navigate through this transformative time.

As you bask under the splendor of the full moon, take a moment to pause and step away from the whirlwind of everyday life. Notice the moon’s beauty as it is truly a gift from the universe. Sometimes simply taking a deep breath, awareness and an expression of gratitude for where you are right now is a ritual in and of itself. May you continue to thrive this season! 

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