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Welcome to prisma Visions

Formerly James R. Eads Shop


It's still the same dedicated team under the artistic direction of James R. Eads just with a new look. If you're wondering where our Limited Edition Prints and Originals went, you can now find them at our new site



we can be reached at or

About us

The Prisma Visions shop was opened in 2014 and exists right at the edge of the universe in Downtown Los Angeles. Over the last 10 years our founder, James R. Eads, has journeyed through a mysterious portal to another world. In an attempt to capture the beauty of this surreal place, James has built an ever-expanding archive of visionary paintings and elegant curios to serve as windows for others to witness the sights he has seen and to take part in the transcendent journey of moving between portals.

Meet the team

The Pathfinder - Gemini


The inventor here at Prisma Visions, James guides the artistic direction of everything we do. He always finds a way to materialize the boundless worlds in his mind without compromising his vision.

The Elementalist - Sagittarius


Her thirst for knowledge and need for variety allow her to bounce between realms. Working within the limitations and strengths of each element, Hana maintains and expands the web of operations at Prisma Visions.

Prisma Visions

mystical goods at the edge of the universe

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