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Green Glyphs Lenormand (Yellow Version)

Coming Soon

Arriving Late Summer 2023

Set of 41 cards with prismatic gold gilded edges in a custom yellow box with an 80-page guidebook.  You can pre-order this deck here.

The origins of Lenormand can be traced back to 1800. Lenormand is comprised of a set of 36 pictorial symbols that can be used to tell a story and offer insight into the future. When I first started learning Lenormand this idea of reading a Grand Tableau was daunting to me- 36 cards is a lot of information to take in at once. So I set out to create a deck that could be read quickly by color, giving the beginning reader an early advantage. In this updated version of Green Glyphs Lenormand (originally published in 2019), the box, card finish and gilding have been im­proved! -James