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9.21.20 It's Originals Week!

9.21.20 It's Originals Week!

It's Originals Week!

I’ve been hoarding a collection of original pieces, it's taken me a long time to get to this point but they are finally ready to go out to new collectors. Thank you for your patience, there have been so many changes this year and things have just taken longer than I was ever expecting, I thought I’d release this collection in the summer but here we are on the first day of fall. Originals are going to be available in two different ways:

First, I painted a lot of little paintings. These are studies, experiments and small thoughts I wanted to explore. They will be available in the shop on Tuesday at 3PM PST. You can browse them ahead of time here if there is one that you are more interested in. There’s 15 different misc. little paintings/pastelings that will be available.

If you really want one of these I would highly recommend hitting the shop right at 3PM PST tomorrow! 


Online orignals collection

Tales From the New World


The second portion of originals is the main event and will be available via Lottery style and will not require quick fingers, just good luck. The main collection of paintings is called “Tales from the New World” and is my visual journal of these last six months.

It’s a group of pieces that may not look like a series, but together they are what I created between March and August of 2020 as I was navigating this strange new world.

Each piece is a reflection on the times and the things I saw and experienced or felt during the upside-down rearranging that was, and still is, 2020. This is a journal of my thoughts and the things that have escaped me. 

You can view the "Tales From the New World" Collection here. 

(a smaller file size PDF is available here)

To enter the "Tales From the New World" lottery, please browse the collection and select which works you are interested in. You may choose up to three pieces.

Please either respond to this email or email your selections to: with your name, your shipping information and the title of each piece before Thursday, September 24th at Noon PST.


We will then put all names into a list and will randomly select people on Thursday afternoon. Please, serious offers only. If you are selected you will be sent a paypal invoice for your piece. If we haven’t heard back in 24 hours we will move onto the next person on the list.


All originals are signed on the front and on the back of the panel and treated with a protective UV coating.

Thank you for your support during these wild times.

I will be bringing prints back soon. Some of the pieces in this collection will become prints in the future. 


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