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6.16.20 The Shop is Open Again!

6.16.20 The Shop is Open Again!

The Shop is Now Open Again!

After a two week break the shop has now reopened! I closed the shop for many reasons and now that I've had some time away I've made some updates and changes:


The first thing I would like to mention is that we have made such important strides in the world these past few weeks. It's comforting to know that positive changes are unfolding through the pain each and every day, but it's important to know that this is only the beginning and we need to continue fighting for these changes so that we one day can live in a better world. Even though the news coverage on the marches and protests may be dying down, people are still fighting for basic rights that should have never been in question.

So, that being said I have added a new donation option to the shop. This is optional and something you can choose to add to your order if you so wish. Donations will be made to a variety of resources that are aimed at helping POC and LGBTQ+ people. At the end of each month I will be matching all donations (so whatever you donate will be worth twice as much). For a list of resources we like please follow this link. If there is a specific organization that isn't on this list that has your heart let me know! (I have omitted most of the major non profits and charities as there has been an overwhelming influx of donations this month).



The second big change to the shop has to do with shipping. Since Covid-19 began spreading across the world shipping has been greatly impacted (as I am sure many of you know). I've had almost a third of all international packages either disappear or take over six weeks to arrive. Not to mention international shipping rates have gone up in the past few months. So, for the time being I am only shipping to a select few countries outside of the US. I apologize ahead of time as I know I have a large international audience and this will effect quite a few of you. I hope this will change soon, but at the moment I am only shipping to the following countries: 

US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan.

These are the countries I have had the least problems shipping to but please note this is a changing list. I will continue to check the USPS impacted shipping guide and update it when I can. 



I have updated the FAQ page with a few new questions that have come up a lot since Covid-19. Please check the FAQ before emailing about your order. I am still the only one working in the studio, so between juggling orders and creating new work each email about a delayed order takes time to look into and respond to. 


I've been trying to spend as much time as I can painting. Some of these pieces will be available. I am hoping to put together a new painting catalog by summer's end, depending on the status of things are the studio. I've been getting a lot of questions about available pieces, and there are some, they just aren't photographed and ready to sell yet.


There's a handful of remaining puzzles from the last release. These will go up in the shop tomorrow, June 17th at 3PM PST. There really aren't too many so if you missed out make sure you're there right at the drop! It will be limited to one of each puzzle/order. As far as future puzzles, I have already designed the next two but I am not going to release them at this time. It's honestly too much work for just me and there were a lot of issues with the arriving shipment with this last batch. So perhaps the next two puzzles will be released later in the year. 


Get excited, it's coming!!

I've been teasing Cosma Visions for months on the Prisma Visions Instagram page without mention of a release date yet. I am still waiting on a final piece to come together, because of Covid-19 there have been numerous delays with this project. I am aiming to launch the kickstarter on 7.20.20. This is not set in stone yet, I will of course send out another email about it when I have a concrete idea of when it will launch. I  will open shipping up to all countries, hopefully by the time rewards are sent out at the end of the year some normalcy will have returned to shipping.  

I think that should cover all of it for now! 

Stay safe, and thank you for everything.

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