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How to Create a Sacred Space

Your altar is a sacred space.

It is the hearth for spiritual reflection and the manifestation of your magical self. A place to display your collection of objects and oddities that represent your beliefs, sentiments, and appreciation for life. In the smudge pot, there is sage slowly smoldering. A lit candle is gently flickering, casting an unearthly glow on quartz towers. Dried herbs and flora are sprinkled about, and your tarot deck is placed centrally on the cloth waiting to satisfy your questions. It is all arranged with intent and purpose - to connect you to the mysteries of the universe. 

In magical practices, altar cloths can serve several purposes. Aside from providing an attractive backdrop for your practice or protecting your treasures from damage, the cloth defines a protective space for your magic. A charged area that can provide safety for your spell-work and a boost to the power of your intentions.

The color of your cloth can also enhance the intention of your work. Browns and beige can amplify abundance, while blues and greens can represent growth, healing, and inspiration. Golds can represent happiness and increase luck, while white is cleansing and can aid in connecting to the divine feminine.

We put together a list of steps to establish your own sacred space, you can read more below...

Eight steps to establishing your sacred space...

1. Determine a space in your home that can be dedicated to your daily practice.
2. Cleanse this area by lighting sacred herbs and letting the smoke dance around the surface of your altar space. While the herbs burn repeat a statement of intention. Such as, "This sacred space is a portal to the unseen. Let it provide me with safety, strength, and truth."
3. Lay down an altar cloth of your choosing. Something that has been charged with your unique energy, holds ancestral knowledge or otherwise connects you to a safe and open state of mind. The more work you do on the cloth, the more energy it absorbs. 
4. Place freshly picked herbs or flowers at your altar to bring in life and to celebrate the beginning or refreshing of your practice. These herbs will represent the element of earth and will help you establish your roots and focus on the regenerative power of dirt. Imagine the decay of oppressive institutions providing nourishment for the earth. How do we invite the power of earth into our bodies? 
5. Light a candle to represent the light within you. This flame stands for the element of fire and will help you define your passion. Focus on the flame and contemplate the kind of work you wish to be doing here. What causes your flame to burn clear and bright? How can you bring that inspiration into your daily practice?
6. Place a small vessel of water at your altar to signify the flow of your intuitional and emotional magic. This will represent the element of water and will help you to heal, confront your open wounds and wash away debris. Identify and release the emotions that no longer serve you while bringing to the surface the ones that have yet to be acknowledged. Cleanse any stagnant corners of your psyche to let your energy flow fluidly.
7. Pay attention to your breath. Your breath represents the element of air and the openness of existence. The air we inhale and exhale signifies our life force and connects us to the celestial world. Our breath reminds us that we are beyond the limitations of our form and that the truth we seek is unstructured.
8. Place any other charged items that hold deep significance for you to aid you in your practice. Place each item down individually, thoughtfully, and with acknowledgment. Such as, "This selenite will keep my path open for the divine energy I call into my practice." 

The steps above are just suggestions to give you a starting point for your own sacred space. Whatever you choose to work with, let it be a sincere reflection of you and the energy you wish to put out into the universe. This is, after all, your personal portal. Where will it take you?


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