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Unfortunately, over the years, many counterfeit decks of Prisma Visions, Light Visions, Green Glyphs and even our newest deck, Cosma Visions, have been created. We try to do our best to get these taken down when we see them, but once we get one taken down another pops up. 

Sites like Wish, eBay, Shopee, Alibaba and Amazon have many illegally produced decks available. Counterfeit decks are marked extremely low. If you find a Visions deck for less than $45 USD, or a Green Glyphs deck for less than $30 USD, know that it is a counterfeit. We require all of our retailers to adhere to our pricing. We can't stop you from purchasing these, unfortunately, but do urge you to support us as we are a small art studio. Each counterfeit deck sold is a little blow to the soul, so please think twice before ordering one!
There are a few things to look out for when looking for a counterfeit deck:

- The packaging: Counterfeits do not come in a sturdy flip-top box.

The deck will usually come in a different box, most likely a cheaper tuck box that you would often find with standard playing cards. Our boxes for Tarot and Oracle decks are sturdy clamshell boxes with a flip top lid. Our Green Glyphs Lenormand deck, comes in magnetic flip-top box.

- The price: All of our approved retailers sell our Tarot and Oracle decks at $45 USD and our Green Glyphs Lenormand deck at $30 USD

If you buy a deck for less than the prices listed on our site, know that there is a good chance it is not legitimate. 
-The guidebook: Counterfeit decks do not include a physical guidebook.

If there is a QR code on the box that the merchant says you can use to download a manual this is incorrect. We do not have a downloadable PDF and there is no QR code on our box.

- The size of the cards: Visions counterfeits are often significantly smaller in size.

Our Tarot and Oracle cards are approximately 70mm x 120mm (2.75" x 4.75") and only come in this one size and have never been reprinted in a different size. Counterfeits are often significantly smaller in size.


Some examples of counterfeits:

If you notice any counterfeits circulating online please let us know at 

Make sure you are buying authentic decks by ordering from

You can view a counterfeit unboxing at the link here