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5.7.19 Spaceflowers Release

5.7.19 Spaceflowers Release



Continuing with our flower theme, the release planned for this week is a really small edition of wood panel screenprints. I originally created Spaceflowers with pastel on wood panel in March. It's been our effort this year to figure out how to translate a painting or pastel piece into a screenprint, and we've gotten a little closer with this print. What's really nice is that a lot of the texture of the original has been maintained because of the wood grain on the panel. After I created the piece I drew it again but on 7 layers of transparency separated color by color (pictured below). I used the same pastel crayons I used to create the original piece to keep the texture as true to the original as possible. We went through three sample versions to get it just right, painting each panel with a black gouache flat to mimic the pastel piece. 

I'm excited to announce that on Tuesday, May 7th at 3PM I will be releasing this small edition of wood panel prints in the shop. Spaceflowers is a 10" x 10" seven color screenprint on a 1.5" cradled wood panel. Each print is hand signed with paint and then numbered and titled on the back of the panel. Printed in a limited edition of 45, this print will not be available on paper- this is the only edition we are doing of SpaceflowersPanels will cost $250 each and are limited to one/party.

Also, we've put up the original pastel piece on eBay, auction style like the last two studies. Bidding starts today at 3PM PST will last three days, ending on Thursday at 3PM PST. You can view the original here.

All prints of the Plateau and the Mini Print Packs have gone out and you should either have them now or be getting them shortly!

Much Love, 



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