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10.13.2020 The Skully Mambo 5!

10.13.2020 The Skully Mambo 5!

Skully Mambo Five!

It's been seven months since our last print release. Covid really shifted things around here at the studio, as well as the rest of the world, and we are now finally getting back into the swing of things. I remember back in March sending out a newsletter stating that it would be a while before we got back to printing again, and I suppose that wasn't wrong. This is the longest we've gone in between print releases and it feels a little weird having this be the third print of the year and we're half way through October. But what's better than a new Skully Mambo to kick things off? 

Skully Mambo 5 is a unique departure from the series. We got back to our roots and created a four color screenprint, but what's different about this print from anything I've done in the past is that it can be viewed/hung either horizontally or vertically. I designed this print with 2020 in mind, I mean how could it not infiltrate everything at this point. This whole year has felt upside down to say the least, and so this is my take on the topsy-turvy Skully Mambo.

In addition to being a "reversible" print, Skully Mambo 5 also glows in the dark! I found the glowiest glow in the dark pigment and we mixed it into all the colors (except the black). When we exposed the print to our ultraviolet light table at the studio it really glowed! Keep in mind that the amount of glow will vary depending on the exposure to light and we can't guarantee the glow will hold up over time (that's just the way it is).
Skully Mambo 5 will be available in three different editions:

The first is an 18" x 24" regular edition of 120 on white coventry rag paper with deckled edges.

The second edition an 18" x 24" rainbow foil edition of 40 with cut edges.

The third edition is an 18" x 24" Rose Goil Foil edition of 15 with cut edges.

Each edition has glow in the dark pigment and can be hung either horizontally or vertically. 
All three editions will drop in the shop on Thursday, October 15th at 3PM Pacific Time at

We will be shipping the week of October 19th so that we can get these prints to you by Halloween/Day of the Dead. This only applies to US orders, international orders can take up to 4 weeks depending on the country and customs regulations. Due to Covid-19 we cannot guarantee delivery times on domestic or international shipping. 

You can browse the three editions of Skully Mambo 5 and see some more detailed photos of the prints in the shop now. 

ALSO, we will be bringing prints back to the shop in full force in November! I simplified the shop back in March and took most things off except essentials like decks and a few merch items. So we're aiming for a big archive week release the week of November 9th or November 16th. During archive week we will be restocking the shop with editions that were pulled off the shop as well as some rare prints dating all the way back to 2014. There will be more info coming on archive week as we get closer!

Hope you are well, 
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