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Upcoming Stretch Goals and Unboxing! Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Upcoming Stretch Goals and Unboxing!

My team and I had a long meeting about stretch goals today. There are some really cool and exciting ideas we've been thinking about (with thanks to all of your input!!) Nothing is set in stone yet, but we have a good idea of what's to come...

I'm not going to announce them all right away (what fun is that?) but I can tell you about the next few we have coming up. The majority of the stretch goals we have decided on will be freebies but there are a few that will be add-on items (like our next goal). I try to build as much as I can into pledges for free, but sometimes it's not feasible. 

Our next goal: 

At 300,000 we will unlock satchels! 

This will likely be 4 new satchels designed specifically for each deck. They can be added individually or purchased as a set of 4 for a discount. 

This is a mock-up image, fabric is limited to colors available and will match the decks as best possible

Some upcoming stretch goal freebies:

5 EXTRA ORACLE CARDS making it a deck of 55 cards. This will upgrade the oracle deck to a 55-card deck! The Oracle Guidebook and the Glossary will be updated to include these cards and meanings

9 EXTRA RUNE CARDS covering the Anglo-Saxon runes. This will upgrade the rune deck to a 33-card deck! The Rune Guidebook and Glossary will be updated to include these cards and meanings

FREE PRINTS (size tbd) - likely screenprinted and come free with all box set pledges.  Which cards do you want to see turned into prints?? Let me know below!

YES/NO COIN - something similar to our Cosma Visions coin.

Some things I am excited about but still need to figure out logistics on:

THE PENDULUM - I looove this idea, it was suggested several times. I think a metal pendulum with glyphs engraved into it could look really elegant, but I still need to do more research on this...

BUILD YOUR OWN DIORAMA - This idea was something I wanted to do from the start of this project. I think it would be really neat to offer a set of interchangeable backdrops and pop-out perforated figures and things from the green glyphs collection. Sort of a way to interact with the display box...more on this later.

GREEN GLYPHS GEOMANCY CARDS - I've wanted to make the set of 16 Geomantic figures as Green Glyphs cards for months but I've been on the fence about this idea... what are your thoughts? My idea behind this is that Green Glyphs is meant to be a bridge between different forms of divination, so why not include one of my favorites?   

I'm going to gather my thoughts and assemble the full list but I wanted to offer a little glimpse before that happens...there's a lot more to come so please keep sharing the project with your communities! 

 I will be doing a live unboxing of the collection Wednesday October 3rd, 2022

At 5 pm Pacific Time on my Instagram as well as the @prismavisions instagram at the same time. 

There will be a second unboxing on Tiktok later that night at 8 pm Pacific Time. If you're unable to attend either I will try to post the unboxing afterward on youtube. 

Just a head's up: Early Bird Box set pledge tier will close on Thursday, October 6th at 12 Noon Pacific Time. After that what is now only $150 will cost $165. Box sets will likely retail after the campaign for $180, so now is the time to secure an early bird set!

PS here's a video I made on the making of the rune dice.

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