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5.19.22 The Sun Visits the Rainbow Dragon...

5.19.22 The Sun Visits the Rainbow Dragon...

Our third limited edition print release this year is of a piece that attempts to portray the ushering of spring and the creation of the first rain. In the previous limited edition, The Parade, we see the sun and the moon caravanning down to the ocean to create dawn. This new print "The Sun Visits the Rainbow Dragon and Persuades it to Rain Causing Ripples in Time" follows the sun on its mythical journey of creating the earth we know today. The title also plays with the idea of many worlds theory, offering a glimpse into different potential realities in each raindrop. 

There will be two different editions of this print available at the release. The regular edition is a giclée print, hand-signed and numbered in a limited edition of 150. The variant edition is a smaller edition of 75 and includes three screenprinted layers - a metallic blue shimmer in the raindrops, a metallic gold ink across the print, and a layer of rainbow glitter that creates a shimmering light effect in the water. 

Both editions will be available this Thursday, May 19th, at 11 am Pacific Time 


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