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3.17.20 The Paths Passed

3.17.20 The Paths Passed

The Paths Passed 

Well, I have debated on this all weekend, but I've come to the decision that I am still going to release this new print as planned.  I am hoping this release will be enough to pay my employees to stay home for the coming weeks of uncertainty and cover the studio rent.  Los Angeles has been hit hard and most establishments as of today are closed down for at least the rest of the month if not longer. Depending on how this week goes, we may need to close the studio for a while.

I am working from home and encourage anyone who has the means to do so. This is a scary time for everyone, but if we take precautions and isolate ourselves as much as possible we can dramatically change the future. 

A lot of small businesses and artists are already being hit hard, so if you have the ability to support artists right now please do so! 

So... coming at you from a strange time in the world is our second print of the year and maybe the last for a while. It's surprisingly fitting for where we have found ourselves. I created this print after an inspiring trip to the Norton Simon Museum in January. I wanted to attempt to finally tackle a heavily impressionist style as a screenprint. This print took many weeks to fine tune and prepare for screenprinting, but I am very proud of the final outcome. 

"The Paths Passed" is about decisions, but more so about collective decisions. It's about the times when it feels as if a decision has been made for you and you are left with two choices you wish you didn't have to make. Sometimes we wish we could go back and take the other path. But these paths have passed and so we must find a way to travel our new paths with confidence and hope for a better fork ahead.

Similarly to the previous release, there will be three editions of this print available at the drop on Tuesday. All three editions are limited editions this time, meaning that there is a chance they will sell out so it's recommended that you hit the shop at the drop to secure a print. 

The main edition of "The Paths Passed" is an 18" x 24" nine color screenprint on archival Coventry Rag paper with deckled edges. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 60.

There will also be an 18" x 24" wood panel edition of 12 available as well as an 18" x 24" rose gold foil edition of 30 available. 

All prints come with a 9" x 6" certificate of authenticity/poem (pictured below). Poems are hand signed and numbered to match the print edition. 


Prints will drop on Tuesday, March 17th at 12PM PST at

I hope this newsletter has found you healthy and in good spirits. I appreciate each one of you for your supporting my art. 



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