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Swimming in Pisces Energy

In Los Angeles right now, it's raining. While it has been a challenging season for many coping with these unprecedented rains, due to the historic drought we've experienced for several years, we are grateful. 

The rain is full of duality. It can be a pleasure and an obstacle. It gives us life and can put us in grave danger. The rain reminds us how fortunate we are to have shelter, to have warmth, and to have the power to actualize those comforts for ourselves and our loved ones. Entering the season of Pisces, the dreamer of the water signs, we are given an extra push to be gentle with ourselves, to go inward, and to allow the ancient wisdom of our natural environment to inspire us.

In addition to the physical environment that we have been adjusting to, we have also been settling into our new digital space. Our website has just undergone a huge makeover. We have decided to dedicate a home to our mystical goods and apply the same imagination and spirit of our wares to the space we have built on the web. We are excited to expand this site and welcome your feedback and suggestions :)

In celebration of the season, we have created a list of three ways to channel the power of this water sign...

1. Lean into your emotions by inviting them to the surface. It's important to remember that our softness is a strength.

2. Take gentle steps towards healing an open wound. If your tendency is to retreat in a time of vulnerability, challenge yourself this season to reach out instead. Alternatively, if you find you have the capacity to open your heart to friends in need, show them compassion by offering a simple act of service.

3. Follow your intuition and pay close attention to your dreams. Are you experiencing deja vu or noticing a certain color or number keeps popping up for you? Hold space for the messages that the universe is presenting to you.


We put together a small collection of items to honor the season and the Pisces spirit in all of us:

Selenite -

We have just re-stocked our small selenite wands. Honestly, these are always a good idea. Who couldn't use a little extra protection? Connected to the cleansing light of the moon, selenite clears a path for you to move confidently through whatever challenges arise, making sure to preserve your gentle and artistic spirit along the way.

Mugwort for Dreamers -

This herb's magical properties are potent. An aid for enhancing your dreams and your ability to recall them, mugwort escorts us to the world of the subconscious and brings our most vibrant visions out of the shadows.

Sagebrush for Menders -

Called Desert Sage by some, this artemisia is a great herb for healing and restoration. Use this for mending any emotional bruises or heartbreak by lighting the herbs and meditating on your returning strength.

Bloodstone -

This stone is a powerful companion for anyone looking for some extra support and vitality. The mix of red jasper and dark green chalcedony combines to form an energizing boost to your physical and emotional wellness. If you're finding yourself extra vulnerable during this season's ebb and flow of emotional energy, bloodstone might be the familiar to get you through unscathed. 


Little Rituals Kit -

Our little kit for those seeking a message from the portal. We draw a card and three stones at random for you. The kit also includes skeleton keys to aid you in opening psychic doors and a 4" smudge of your choice. Light the herbs, arrange the stones on your altar and reflect on the card that was chosen. What is the card telling you? What is the energy of the stones that were chosen and could they be signaling to certain areas of your life that need attention?

Astral Visions Notebook - 

A place to archive your questions and findings. Designed by James R. Eads and handmade with care by our team.

Wishing you a restorative and insightful Pisces season!

From all of us at Prisma Visions <3
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