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Number Eight: SUCCESS Prisma Visions Periodical James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Number Eight: SUCCESS

number eight. strength and courage and the loop of life. 

we just surpassed $100,000 and have unlocked the cerulean spectacles!!

These are a piece of lore from the Cerulean Sequence and they are now included for free in each pledge of $111 and up or as an add-on item for $5! To add them to your pledge: tap the "edit or manage my pledge" button and visit the add-on menu. 


The tin box sample just arrived also and I am in love with it. It matches the deck perfectly and has that retro vibe that I was going for.

The cerulean altar cloth was one of the first things I designed in this series of items. I created this inspired by one of the 0 cards and it features a black hole in the center. I wanted it to resemble sun prints or cyanoprints. 

The notepad is intended to provide some extra room to work on your notes and jot things down about the cerulean sequence and to give you some space to decode the alphabet. Plus it has a handy alphanumeric key. 

The divination diary is modeled after our other two divination diaries. These are great for keeping track of your spreads (more on this in update 9!) 

The campaign has ended but you can still pre-order the deck here to get it for $11 off!  

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