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Leo and Strength Print Studio Blog x James R. Eads James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Leo and Strength

Amidst the expanse of the stars, the majestic Leo emerges. A luminous icon of strength, the cosmic lion stands proud, a blazing beacon of fire and spirit. With a regal roar that echoes across the astral planes, the lion harnesses its inner might, revealing unyielding self-confidence and compassion in their wake. 

With its home in the Sun, Leo’s are blessed with fiery energy, making them natural-born leaders and captivating individuals with a strong sense of self. Proud and courageous like the noble lion, they fiercely guard what they hold dear. Yet, amid their regal facade, a tender, warm-hearted nature resides, imbuing them with the capacity to navigate life with composure, grace, and unwavering integrity. Amongst the zodiac, the ferocious lion stands as the ultimate embodiment of following one’s heart.Within the realm of tarot, the Strength card rises, resonating with Leo’s essence. It mirrors the Leo spirit, evoking the prowess to confront the untamed aspects of life with dignity and resilience.

Through the Strength card, Leo finds affirmation in their divine purpose and the importance of harnessing one’s passions and desires in a benevolent way. The Strength card encourages us to find our own inner voice and lead ourselves, while Leo embodies the willpower and action required to attain this. The combination of internal strength and external leadership result in remarkable achievements. The alliance between the regal lion and Strength embolden our spirits. We discover the courage to take the lead, speak our truths and embrace our uniqueness unapologetically. It is within this spotlight that we realize that true courage arises from the depths of compassion and empathy. As we venture further into the embrace of summer’s warmth, let the noble strides of the mighty lion light the path that guides you on your sacred journey of purpose and discovery. May the cards representing strength found throughout the Prisma Visions universe shine as a fiery beacon, reminding us that our true strength lies in facing challenge with an open heart and unwavering courage.


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