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5.15.18 Introducing the Studio

5.15.18 Introducing the Studio

Almost a year ago we moved the studio from James' apartment located at the Arts District Brewery to a small warehouse in Mid-City. It's been a year of transition and growth which is why starting this blog feels like an apropos addition to the studio.

Much has changed in 2018 alone including expanding to different inks, techniques, and paper. Additionally, we've begun experimenting with marbling paper, creating notebooks and deckling edges. Through trial and error, we're learning which processes we enjoy and how we can better incorporate them into our prints. 

We're settling nicely into our new space and learning all the quirks of the studio (i.e. which switch turns on which lights). Follow us for more updates and behind-the-scenes at the studio.  

If you're curious to know the faces behind James R. Eads Illustration, you can find a short bio of all of us here

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