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Saturn Enters Pisces

On March 7th, 2023, Saturn will enter the part of the sky ruled by Pisces.

Saturn has not returned to this part of the sky since 1996 and will continue to be in Pisces' realm until February 13th, 2026.

Saturn represents boundaries, clear and direct communication, and focused discipline. Pisces represents creativity, intuition, and the openness of dreams. For the rigid Saturn to be a guest in the house of Pisces, one could assume is uncomfortable. A tension in the air, so thick you could cut it with a knife...

The ethereal desires and personality of Pisces might blur the hard lines drawn by Saturn, softening the walls Saturn worked so diligently to erect. This dissolution of structure and rules will make the next three years a difficult period for those who've yet to perfect their boundary-setting techniques. If you've yet to set clear expectations for your relationships, personal and professional, you might find your sense of agency disoriented and obscured by the haze of Pisces' fluidity. This is an important time to define your sense of self, your desires, and your goals and to give a tactile form to your internal being. Clarify who you are and make a distinction between yourself, the world, and the spirit. During this period, it will feel much easier to spot the ways in which we are connected than to identify the things that set you apart. What are the unique gifts you contribute to the universe? 

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