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Cerulean Sequence: An Oracle of Numbers

As we prepare for the launch of our newest deck, Cerulean Sequence, we've been turning to numbers for guidance and reflections. Numbers can be found in virtually every facet of our existence and have been with us a very long time. Humans have been keeping tallies as far back as 40,000 years ago which eventually progressed to more developed notations. Numbers are a universal language, one that is equally complex as it is simple. They can be static and unwavering and also infinitely transformative. Combinations and sequences can produce exponential layers of meaning to a rudimentary tally. Our attempts to complicate, calculate, add and subtract often bring us to the same result. The universe returns to us the digit it needs us to consider. For every moment, for every lifetime, there are numbers that reoccur, reappear and recalibrate- referencing the figures that came before in order to render the scenes that will follow- our existence is merely the product of a never-ending sequence.

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