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Approaching The White Tower Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Approaching The White Tower

Introducing the newest timed edition by James R. Eads, The White Tower.
Available for 24 hours at

The White Tower is a difficult maze that appears in the dead of winter. It challenges the mind and will ask much of you, but navigating the white tower will lead to clarity and great perspective. Are you ready?
The White Tower
by James R. Eads

15 x 30 inches | combination giclée
Prints are embellished with 24k gold leaf and crystalline shimmer
Timed edition*
Signed and numbered

*This edition will be available to purchase until March 2nd 12pm PT. 
After the purchase window closes the edition size will be determined and prints will not be made again. 
To celebrate the newest edition on our sister site,, we pulled a card to see what themes we can glean as we make our way through the week. 

It's fitting that the card we pulled was the Four of Swords since our Prisma Visions deck's interpretation of the Suit of Swords uses winter as a symbolic setting for this chapter of the Prisma Visions story. Winter gives us time to reflect, time to rest but also time to resist the bitter cold of the season. The four of swords is a reassuring card reminding us that rest and contemplation are not signs of passivity but purposeful actions to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. While the end of winter is just around the corner, let's not take for granted what we have learned from the harshest season and contemplate the resilience we can bring into the coming spring...

Four of Swords: The stillness of winter is the perfect environment for quiet, contemplative repose. Take this time to restore and reflect. Amass your strength and gain perspective and clarity. Lay your struggles aside for now, in this moment of peace.


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