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Prisma Visions 7 is here! Prisma Visions Periodical James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Prisma Visions 7 is here!

PLOP! Prisma Visions 7 is here! And our 79th card of this new edition is the Prismatic Toad! All pre-orders for Prisma Visions 7 will come with a FREE moonflowers wooden cardholder. We are expecting to ship pre-orders in mid February.
About the Prismatic Toad: A plump little toad plops itself right in front of your path. As you stare at the Prismatic Toad you begin to realize that it might be the most wonderful little thing you have seen in your whole entire life. The closer you get, the more obsessed you become with your new slimy friend. 
If you've pulled the Prismatic Toad in the reading it might be that you got a little too close to something that you didn't intend to get so wrapped up in. New things can be intoxicating and alluring, so much so that we can become obsessed and forget about the other important things around us. Don't let the toad become your whole world, there are other things of value just within reach. 
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