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Mabon Reflections

Mabon greets us once a year as the summer comes to a close. This is a time to celebrate the fruits of our labor, to share the abundance of our harvest with loved ones.

Mabon is the pagan holiday that celebrates the Fall Equinox. In the northern hemisphere, Mabon is celebrated from September 21st to the 29th. During the autumnal equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres share an equal duration of sunshine. It is one of four instances throughout the year when the earth is not tilted away for toward the sun. 

This is a good time for us to take stock of prior intentions we've set for ourselves at the start of the year. What should we continue working towards and what should we let go? Reflecting on the lessons nature has taught us is a good way to show appreciation for earth's gifts. Refresh your altar to include charged items that bring you closer to a state of gratitude for the spiritual and earthly gifts you have and have yet to receive.

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