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11.11.21 The Pleiades Timed Edition

11.11.21 The Pleiades Timed Edition


I started this piece last December during the great conjunction when I was out in Joshua Tree. The Pleiades is one of my favorite patches of stars in the night sky. The Pleiades is a cluster of over 800 stars in the constellation Taurus. The Pleiades are also referred to as the seven sisters, a reference to the brightest seven stars in the group. While it is over 400 light years away something feels so comforting and familiar about it. The image depicts the seven sisters represented as various animals arriving at the tree of life.

The Pleiades is a 20" x 30" combination giclee and screenprint with a layer of metallic glitter that creates the effect of shimmering stars. There is also a very limited variant that includes an intricate design spilling into the border and finished with genuine silver leafing.

The standard edition of the Pleiades will be available as a timed edition. Prints will only be available between Thursday, November 11th at 11:11am Pacific Time until Monday November 15th at 11:11 am Pacific Time. The variant edition will be limited to only 25 prints, once they are sold they will be gone for good!

It took almost a year to figure out how to best create this print as there are so many intricate details that I wanted to shine through, including the COA. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which we created by marbling various papers in our studio. I wanted to create the effect of a page ripped out of a cosmic journal - something from thousands of years ago lost to the mysteries of the universe.

From the Certificate:

It was in the first three thousand years that we sailed through the pleiades. Taurus granted us passage and the seven sisters retold the story of the entire universe. It could all be summed up so succinctly- it was beautiful and sad, and kind of underwhelming, but I was happy just to be alive during it all.

Today I look up at the pleiades, nearly five-hundred light years away from us on earth. They glimmer like a smear of light in the night sky and I’m brought back to that other time. I try to remember more from my time in the pleiades, but memory has a funny way of fading all these thousands of years later.

As I write these words, thinking back to those first three-thousand years when everything was still so new and the purpose of it all was so clear, I remember the seven sisters. They told me that there would be a time, far from here, where it would all end. how infuriating to know that everything would just disappear like that. No warning, no grand finale, just an end. But then I'm reminded of the middle, and how we haven't even gotten there yet because we're still stuck in the beginning. the thing about the middle is that it will always feel like the end when it’s only the beginning that is about to end... 


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