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Solar Eclipse in Aries

The upcoming solar eclipse arrives at the very end of Aries, April 19th, creating an air of urgency and impulsivity, an influence that we should be cautious of as it could push us to make brash decisions. In preparation for this eclipse, it is important to double-check our impulses, take deep breaths, and put metaphorical speed bumps on the routes we're taking to our desired outcomes. The fiery and hot-headed energy can cause us to act in unfortunate ways, escalating to places we will likely regret.

Monitor your emotions and take extra care to find space for yourself and responsible outlets for that emotional electricity.

It's not all cause for concern, a lot of good can also come from this surge of Aries influence. You might experience a boost in confidence and independence allowing you to move forward in an area that previously caused you a lot of anxiety. Maybe you have a goal that before now, felt overwhelming or out of reach. Take advantage of this Aries eclipse and commit yourself to take a beneficial risk.

A simple practice to guide your approach to this eclipse is to pull a Tarot card. Drawing a card can focus our minds and minimize some of the confusion around navigating the power of this eclipse. 

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