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New Geomantic Visions is Here!

We are so excited to release our second edition of Geomantic Visions, a set of 20 divination coins used as an alternative way to practice geomancy.

Geomantic Visions 2nd Edition is now available in the shop and as an add-on in Kickstarter when you back our Green Glyphs collection!

We noticed with the first edition that the box was not structurally sound leaving us to re-ship many sets to customers who received a crushed copy. Even despite the quality of the material, the large size of the box made it so that there wasn't much support to keep the structure intact. With that in mind, we decided to completely reimagine the design resulting in a condensed, smaller box containing two layers of coins offering more support to prevent anything from getting crushed in transit. With the colorful cover, magnetic closure and a more travel-friendly guidebook, the new set offers a much more practical and refined presence. We are so happy with how it turned out and prefer the overall look and functionality to the first version. 

The set includes 20 gold-plated zinc alloy, double-sided coins.16 of these coins have the geomantic figure on one side and a 3D image of the corresponding being on the other side, inspired by the Suit of Beings from the Cosma Visions Oracle. The remaining 4 smaller coins are the four geomantic elements (fire, air, water, earth) with one side representing a single element and one side representing a double element. The box features a metallic gold emblem and includes a 100-page full-color booklet that serves as a beginner's guide to geomancy. 

 If you are already backing the Green Glyphs Collection then you will be able to add this item on to your pledge at the discounted price of $40 $50 with no additional shipping! Pledge here.


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