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Venus in Virgo


Venus will be in Virgo from September 5th until the 29th. Since Venus is known as the planet of love and relationships, its entering Virgo will be felt strongly in the ways we connect with our loved ones.

Virgo is a practical sign, one that does not tend to get caught up with emotions. Being reserved with feelings and words, it can be challenging for some to feel the love of a Virgo or rather, to detect in what ways that love is being expressed. While it might not be sensual or spontaneous, there can be great passion shown through the pragmatic ways we offer support to our loved ones. A Venus in Virgo means that your heart will be ruled by logic, going after only that which makes sense. This will be a good time to communicate your love through acts of service.

Venus also represents the financial and material sectors of our lives often symbolizing indulgence and luxury. When Venus is in Virgo we tend to make sound decisions with our money, indulging in things that have a greater purpose. Treating yourself during Venus in Virgo might look like a visit to a health spa, detoxifying your body with a pricey cold-pressed juice, a yoga retreat or other activities that will have a deeper positive impact on your mind and body than say, buying a pair of designer shoes.

During this period, be extra mindful of your critical inner voice. Try not to be too hard on yourself or your loved ones for making an irresponsible decision. Challenge yourself to go with the flow. When something doesn't go as planned try viewing it as an opportunity rather than a setback and lean into acts of service as a way of showing your loved ones you care. 

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