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Seeking Answers with Geomancy

Favorable and Unfavorable Figures

When conducting a geomantic reading, it is important to pose a question that will have either a favorable or unfavorable outcome. In a basic reading that isn’t too complex, you will be able to deduce an outcome based on the favorability of the final figure in the reading. The 16 figures all have either favorable, neutral, or unfavorable associations. Most of the time these associations are not concrete, but can shift based on the situation at hand. This is especially true for the neutral figures.

The subject matter of your question will influence whether a figure is favorable or unfavorable. For example, Amissio, or “loss”, is generally unfavorable. In most situations you are looking for something not hoping to lose it. But, when questions about illness or bad habits where loss is desired, this figure becomes favorable. On the other hand, Cauda Draconis is almost always an unfavorable figure except in situations where you are hoping something will end. 

The neutral figures are only neutral alone, once they are linked with other figures their favorability changes. For example, Via embodies change itself and so its favorable aspect will morph depending on the situation as well. Populus is one figure that is generally always neutral. It adds volume to something and echoes it, but it has no sway and doesn’t offer much in most situations, unless it has to do with the voices of many. 

Stable and Unstable Figures

When we are interpreting a geomantic reading we also want to look at the stability of the figures that appear. There are 8 stable and 8 unstable figures in geomancy. Stable figures suggest that something may last or maintain for quite some time, where as an unstable figure suggests that it will be short term or fleeting. 

Since there are seemingly endless ways to interpret the figures and their many layers, (for instance, each figure is associated with a planet, a body part and an astrological sign) most Geomancers will recommend that you really learn and study each of the 16 figures before conducting your first geomanctic reading. It is important to not only know what the figures represent, but how they interact with each other. Some find that spending significant time meditating on each figure will greatly increase your understanding of the system of divination. 

To learn more about the figures, additional ways to interpret the shield or using Geomancy to perform an astrological reading, refer to the thorough yet easy to read guide included with our Geomantic Visions coins. 

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