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In Preparation of a Full Moon in Virgo

The cleansing light of the moon illuminates our landscapes and our imagination. It connects us to all living things on earth, past and present, and to the vastness of the universe.

When we take time to contemplate the moon and show gratitude toward its familiar cycles we acknowledge its power in our daily lives and its potential to guide our emotions, decisions, and the direction in which we grow. It is an exercise in mindfulness, an exercise in accepting our smallness and giving in to the tides.

This month, the full moon enters Virgo...

Virgo's full moon will bring with it a bright cleansing breeze, sweeping forward the messages we need to hear and sweeping away the static noise that has built up since it last appeared. 

Virgo's intuitive and nurturing spirit will most likely be felt with the presence of this moon, reminding us to look to the earth for perspective and healing. What herbs are appearing in abundance, yearning to be picked? Do their medicinal properties align with areas of our bodies and minds that need tending to?

Under this full moon, we will see a very active Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, and Jupiter, the planet of growth and fulfillment. These two combine their energies to create an atmosphere of restoration and self-care that can have the potential to advance you to a higher, more knowledgeable state. Chiron's inability to heal themselves teaches us that only through accepting our limits, can we transcend our physical bounds and realize the psychic contributions we are individually destined to make. Since Chiron is the ruling planet of Virgo, Virgos can expect a heightened sense of empathy while Sagittarius, whose ruling planet is Jupiter, will likely experience an increase in curiosity and indulgence. Pay attention to how these attributes are manifesting for you as they can be double-edged swords, easily leaving you wounded if you're not careful.

Preserve the magic of healing and intuitive medicine from the full moon in Virgo by taking items off your altar and bringing them into the moonlight to be charged. Meditate on the areas in your life that need mending and imagine the collective power of all those contemplating this moon with you as a healing force returning to the earth. 

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