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2.16.21 The Smallness in Everything

2.16.21 The Smallness in Everything

We turned another one of my favorite pieces from 2020 into a print and it will be dropping next week as our 2nd print of the year! "The Smallness in Everything" is a piece about the synchronicity that flows through all things. It's about that moment where a light switches on and the realization of your smallness in the grandness of the universe begins to unfold. It's both frightening and inspiring. It makes us think and it makes us grateful to be alive in this moment, right here and now. When we begin to realize the smallness in things on their own we can finally understand the greatness of connection. The world hums with invisible strings that tie us and all things together.
In the middle of the desert she found an oasis. As she knelt in the tall grass, the sky ripped open and the stars spilled out, and just for a moment she understood the smallness in everything. 
"The Smallness in Everything" is a limited edition 15" x 30" combination giclee and screenprint and will be available in two limited editions.

Behind the Process:

Prints are initially printed with a high quality printer on archival paper and are then finished with three layers of screenprinting. The first layer is a hand mixed green-blue glitter that sparkles in the tall grass. The second layer is applied silver leaf in the stars and the third layer is applied variegated gold leaf in the emblem and sun and wisps in the sky. 

Prints are then hand deckled and embossed in the right corner and signed and numbered in a limited edition of 150. 
The 2nd edition of this print has a layer of hand embellished fire red ink that replaces the variegated gold leaf in the sky. This edition is unique as each print is slightly different and comes with a mini UV flashlight to illuminate the print in the dark. This edition is limited to only 45 copies.

Both editions will drop in the shop on Tuesday, February 16th at 11am PST.

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