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Little Rituals to Ignite Your Tarot Practice

Our Rituals Kits are for those seeking a message from the portal...

We put together new kits that focus on the distinct energies of each of our Visions decks. Choose a card pulled from either Little Cosma, Little Prisma, or Little Light Visions. The chosen card will be carefully packed in a jar along with crystals and smudges that complement the themes of each deck.

With these magical tools conveniently curated for you, all you need to do is light the herbs and candle, arrange the stones and keys on your altar, and reflect on the card that was chosen.

Ask yourself, what is the card telling you? 


Each Visions Rituals kit includes the following...
• A mystery card from your chosen Little Visions deck drawn especially for you
• A crystal that connects to the theme of your chosen deck
• A bundle of dried herbs that connects to the theme of your chosen deck
• A 4" selenite wand for clearing a path to your intentions
• A 4" chime candle to focus your intentions
• 5 skeleton keys to aid you in unlocking psychic doors

Which will you choose?


Light Visions Rituals Kit

Light Visions is a deck about intuition and the quiet voice that guides our soul through this world. With a sunstone and dried mugwort to enhance your intuition and positive outlook, this kit can be used to strengthen your psychic visions and reveal the unseen.


Cosma Visions Rituals Kit

Cosma Visions is a deck about death and what happens after. With tree agate stone and dried desert sage to ground your spirit and call back your strength, this kit can be used to confront grief and manifest new growth. 


Prisma Visions Rituals Kit

Prisma Visions is a deck about our earthly existence and the choices that propel us forward. With three blue kyanite blades and a dried royal sage for cleansing your home and your mind, this kit can be used to establish clarity in your relationships and sense of self.


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