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Stretch Goal Reached: 9 More Rune Cards! Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Stretch Goal Reached: 9 More Rune Cards!

We just hit one of our big stretch goals! Now all rune decks are forever upgraded to 33 cards. Rune decks will include the original 24 cards from the Elder Futhark plus the 9 extra Anglo-Saxon Runes. 

Here's a peek at 6 of the cards. I think the rest I'm going to leave as a surprise until you get your packages ;) 

The card meanings for these 9 runes will also be added to the guidebook and glossary!

This now brings into the debated question of including these runes on the dice. I've decided the best move here is to include a 4th d10 die, so the rune dice will now be 3 d8 dice + a d10 die. The nine Anglo-Saxon runes will fill 9 of the 10 sides on the die with the 10th side being either blank or designed with a Green Glyphs symbol. 

example of a d10 die with the 3 d8 dice


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