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Five Crystals for Retrograde

How's the Mercury Retrograde treating you?

We have one week down and two left to go so gather your tools and try to keep an adaptable mindset to assure you come out of this one unscathed...

Here's 5 crystals to keep at your altar this retrograde:

1. Selenite

We love selenite because it is a powerhouse for clearing energy and recharging your spirit, getting you closer to the truths the universe is trying to reveal to you. Another great reason to always have selenite at your altar is that when used with other crystals, it has a magnifying effect, boosting the collective power of whatever charged items you are working with.

2. Moonstone

The challenging part about retrograde is that seemingly nothing goes as planned. When all that we rely on day in and day out goes out the window, anxiety, frustration and impatience can get the best of us. The moon offers a constant for us on earth, its calming glow casts a light that can fade away any static accumulated from the day. It is the still object in the sky that stabilizes us and guides us. Like its namesake, moonstone offers this calm, clearing glow, but it also pushes and pulls us like the moon does to the ocean. It encourages us to go with the flow and align ourselves to its rhythm making it a great stone for travelers in general, but especially during a retrograde.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst has similar cleansing attributes to the stones mentioned above, but it is especially known for protection and for healing addictive behaviors and bad habits. Amethyst has your best interest in mind. In fact, holding amethyst to your head and breathing deeply can help bring relief to any inner chaos you may be experiencing. During retrograde we can regress to leaning on unhealthy crutches that might offer immediate relief but longterm damage. Use amethyst to resist those temptations and seek solace in more nurturing, restorative self-care.

4. Apatite

Since the theme of retrograde tends to be surrendering to the spontaneity and letting go of expectations for the present, it is a good time to set intentions for the future (a future that is not in retrograde). Apatite is a powerful stone for activating your psychic energy and increasing your perception. Apatite helps with manifesting our inner dreams and desires and with self-realization. Being more aware of our strengths and weaknesses brings us closer to the realities of achieving our goals and accessing a more abundant future.

5. Girasol

Girasol is a term that can apply to various minerals. It describes a milky, semi-transparent quality that is often seen in quartz or opals. Girasol is believed to greatly improve your communication skills which is something that we can all use during a period of retrograde when all forms of communication seem deteriorate and breakdown. Keep a girasol stone nearby, either on your altar for daily meditation or in your pocket as you connect with loved ones, co-workers, or new acquaintances to help smooth over any communication setbacks caused by retrograde. Girasol Opal has the added attributes of opal, a stone that can boost our adaptability and confidence. 

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