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3.10.22 The Parade is Coming Today

3.10.22 The Parade is Coming Today

"and in the end, we would spill out into the streets and put on a parade."

The Parade was originally created as a mixed media gouache and pastel piece on wood panel. I worked on the Parade intermittently for over 2 years. When it was complete I had it professionally photographed and then digitally created the screenprinted layers. For the first layer we apply a glue-like tack in the areas where the glitter sticks. The glitter is then brushed across the print in a rainbow gradient. The glitter layer is then sealed with a clear gloss so that none of the glitter comes off of the print. Then, the print is embellished with a layer of metallic gold ink. Prints are then torn down with deckled-edged, blind embossed with our studio chop, and signed and numbered. 

In addition to the timed edition explained above, I decided to do a limited run of a special variant of this print where we applied variegated gold leaf in place of the metallic gold ink. This special variant edition also includes additional 24k gold leafed artwork in the lower border accompanying the title of the print.


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