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Number Five: CHANGE Prisma Visions Periodical James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Number Five: CHANGE

number 5 is about change and freedom. it is the halfway point between 1 and 9 and from 5 we learn about transition and breaking out of cycles. 

It's time to change up the project and announce some streeeeeetch goals! Thank you all for your cool ideas, I've tried to incorporate the ones that I can. Keep in mind that stretch goals are bound to change, but as always I will keep you informed.


*Cerulean Satchel*

A new style satchel with a custom button designed to fit the Cerulean Sequence cards!


*Cerulean Spectacles*

Custom Cerulean Spectacles. These spectacles show up in the the sequence several times, one day, you may see why.


*Cerulean Dice*

A set of three dice for casting numbers.


*Cerulean Abacus*

This will likely be a mini abacus but I am still researching our best options.

The campaign has ended but you can still pre-order the deck here to get it for $11 off! 
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