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Closer Look: Glossary and Box Set Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Closer Look: Glossary and Box Set

We're a little over halfway through the campaign! Time is flyingggg by. I loved the discussion on the rune dice in the last update, everyone provided such wonderful feedback. I will be taking it all into consideration :) 

Before we continue the Closer Look series I should mention that we just announced a giveaway on instagram! We have a couple of advanced copies of the Box Set left from our sample production and rather than keeping them, I figured we could give them away to a few lucky people.

Everyone is eligible to enter. The giveaway is happening on my instagram as well as the prisma visions instagram!

This Closer Look covers the part of the collection that ties it all together. The Green Glyphs Glossary contains the entire Green Glyphs universe in one place in a beautiful hardcover book with prismatic gold edges to match the cards. It includes the information from all four guidebooks, along with an extra section on using the four decks together to create a nearly 200-card hybrid deck. I love how it turned out. It feels so elegant. 

Green Glyphs, is, to me, a meditation. It’s an anthology of magical forms of divination. It’s realized, and yet simple and light. It doesn’t scream, it doesn’t take you to dark places. It’s welcoming. It’s familiar. It’s the quiet negative space that you don’t yet know you rely on. It finds itself in your daily life. A yellow butterfly. A day-old cup of coffee. The Sun. The Moon. You. Me. It’s all there, woven into Green Glyphs like old friends. 

The Green Glyphs Glossary is organized into five parts, and each part has different color-coded borders for an easy flip-through experience when doing hybrid deck readings. The Glossary begins with Tarot and is followed by Lenormand, Runes, and then Oracle. The final fifth section “All Together” explores different possibilities for using all four Green Glyphs decks in tandem.

My intention in creating this collection was to create a giant hybrid deck that bridges four different methods of divination together. If you opt-in for multiple Green Glyphs decks you can combine them into a larger deck. Mix and match to make your unique hybrid deck. Perhaps there are a few Runes you connect with and you want to shuffle them into your Tarot or Oracle deck. Consider these Runes as markers for something important - almost like their own major arcana. When you conduct a reading and out of all of the possible cards in the deck, if these few from another deck still appear, it can be significant. What are they trying to tell you?

I made the backs of each card deck similar, so as not to draw cards with a bias. You’ll notice that the glyphs on the back of the cards vary from deck to deck, but since it is subtle you will hopefully not draw cards and immediately know which deck they come from based on the back of the cards.

Now, keep in mind, once you alter the original intended set of cards you are creating an oracle deck, as it deviates from the traditional systems of divination. While there is an intentional balance to the systems of Tarot, Runes, and Lenormand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t break the rules. Once you start developing your own unique readings, that is when a diviner truly starts to shine. 

This Closer Look is mainly about the glossary but I just want to take a moment to talk about the exterior box that holds all of the Green Glyphs Collection. At first, it was just a box, but that didn't feel exciting to me. I wanted something to be revealed when the decks are removed from the box. I was inspired by my childhood making dioramas and I wanted the exterior box to feel like it can exist as a piece of art on its own. It can be displayed on your shelves while the decks are being used. I would love for us to hit some stretch goals that expand on the display with custom removable backgrounds and figures... we'll see! 

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