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Strawberry Moon Tarot Spread: Overcome Creative Blocks Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Strawberry Moon Tarot Spread: Overcome Creative Blocks

This weekend, the full Strawberry Moon will grace our night sky, bringing with it the fiery and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius encourages us to take risks and pursue our passions.

As we approach the next seasonal solstice, what better time to confront and overcome challenges than under the luminescence of a full moon? Summer draws near, and the energy of the Strawberry Moon urges us to come to realizations, let go, and discover new adventures that await!To harness the power of this moment, we’ve prepared a tarot spread that infuses the energy of the 79th card from the Prisma Visions Tarot’s first edition - Strawberries. This vibrant and lively card inspires creation, joy, and action, making it one of the most dynamic cards in the deck. With the triumphant Strawberries energy placed at the center of your spread, may it help guide you to overcoming creative blocks and experiences, allowing you to fully enjoy this exuberant period of exploration!
  1. THE BLOCK - This card represents the challenge you may be experiencing that might be hindering your creative expression. It helps identify potential roadblocks so that you are
  2. THE BREAKTHROUGH - This card represents the direction or focus that your energy should be geared towards. It provides guidance on how to align your intentions and offers insight on how to set clear goals for your creative endeavors.
  3. THE FRUIT - The card represents the fruition of your creative efforts during the Full Moon. It offers insight to potential rewards, growth, and abundance that can be gained when aligned in your full creative expression.

To learn the meanings behind our 79th mystery cards, go here.

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