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Sagittarius Season Card Pulls - Green Glyphs Lenormand! Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Sagittarius Season Card Pulls - Green Glyphs Oracle!

Happy Sagittarius Season! We have pulled a card from the Green Glyphs Oracle for each of the signs to see what themes are coming up for each of you...


Aries - ?

You may come into this season seeking clarity or perhaps stuck in your own perspective. This would be a great time to open your mind and see/hear what the universe has been telling you. Don’t force or poke for answers. Let the answers reveal themselves to you.

Taurus - Wisteria

You’re ready for what the season has in store! Your cards have been falling into place and your methodical approach throughout the year has set you on track. You are aligned and in-tune this season. Continue your path and you are sure to reap rewards.

Gemini - Willow Tree

A lovely, peaceful card. Gratitude and tranquility are emotions that are keeping you warm and content as you move into the last part of the year. Keep these feelings with you throughout the season by expressing your appreciation for yourself and others.

Cancer - Talisman

You’re in luck! You be on the receiving end of some good news or meaningful abundance. Or maybe it’s you, who is the gift - filling the room with your light, love, and presence. Whatever it may be - be open to these blessings from the universe.

Leo - Morning Glory

You’ve been so focused on achieving, doing and completing…now may be a good opportunity to slow down. You can then take notice of the wins and spend time celebrating them! Relish in this as these moments don’t last forever. Allow yourself to be present in the moment before moving into the next phase.

Virgo - Drain

Time to let go of all that’s bogged you down over the year. It can be tough seeing all those thoughts, emotions, and things spewing out, but it’s been long overdue. Enjoy the sweet release as freedom washes over you.

Libra - Portal

Let some new experiences present themselves to you and indulge in them. Been wanting to camp under the stars? Go! Interested in trying a new cuisine? Make that reservation! The unknown is mysterious and frightening for some, but opening your mind to new possibilities can fuel the coming days with wonder and enchantment!

Scorpio - Yesterday’s Coffee

What is that you’ve forgotten about as you moved through the year, Scorpio? Did you start a new project, but have since neglected it? Were you making plans to do something and lost track? Or are you moving through the motions, mindlessly caught in your daily routines? Nonetheless, don’t forget that little spark…that something that makes you smile…that thing that fills your heart.

Sagittarius - Feather

Time to drop your shoulders, unfurl your brow, and ease into your softness. This is your season, Sagittarius. Let kindness and compassion carry you - others can benefit off this easy-going energy. Kindly give it to your environment.

Capricorn - Rooster

Wow! You’ve finished your holiday shopping so soon?! Finalized the plans for your family gathering already? Organized your New Years Eve festivities and sent out invitations last week?! Whatever is on your to-do list, the energy you possess this season keeps you spry and ahead of the game. You’re focused, present, and proactive these days, making you a powerhouse of action and dependability.

Aquarius - Chimes

There may be some things calling out to you…have you taken the time to pause and listen? This card encourages you to observe and scan your surroundings these next few weeks. What things have you put on mute? Is it your own voice? Don’t be afraid to listen and respond intentionally in your conversations - a beautiful melody could come from it.

Pisces - Tincture

Maybe the remedy for some of your ailments is some self-care. The season may call for you to cozy up in your favorite chair with a cup of warm tea to help clear your mind of intrusive thoughts. Sometimes the best medicine can be found within quiet introspection.

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