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The Plateau, Forever Ago

The Plateau, Forever Ago

I spent ten years trying to overcome The Plateau.

The Plateau was originally created in late 2018 on a 60" x 30" panel with gouache and was inspired by the poem below. The piece was then professionally photographed and scaled to print size. The edition is then printed in our studio on a high-quality printer and finished with three screen printed layers. The first layer is done with a gold metallic shimmer that accents the rays of light and the clouds above the Plateau. The second layer is an invisible aqua ink that can absorb the sunlight and glow in the dark to reveal a moon in a starry sky. These accents can also be seen under UV/Blacklight (small blacklight flashlight included with each print). The final layer is done by hand applying a triple 24K gold leaf on both the left and right side of the print. During the screenprinting process, a 6" emblem in the bottom border is created from the three layers. Prints are then hand-deckled and signed and numbered. 

I spent ten years trying to overcome The Plateau. I ate when I could and let go of the weight that was holding onto me. I mapped the light passing in each moment hoping it would reveal doors to move through it. I collected relics buried in the rocks And with them I saw time unfolding. I saw myself here many lives ago. I saw how hard it all seemed then. I remembered what it felt like for beginners. And how simple it all seems now. I walked with mindfulness, I found it easier than before. I learned to make peace with this place And I forgave it For the things I haven’t forgiven it for In forever. I tried to do the same with myself And the people I owed this forgiveness to. I returned what I took from the Plateau For I knew it was no longer mine to have. Then I looked up. The Plateau, no longer standing as a challenge But as a proud monument For what I have already overcome. And then I walked away, Something I haven’t been able to do In forever.


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