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Little Visions Pre-Orders Available Now!

November 03, 2021 1 min read

Little Visions - Tarot & Oracle Decks
Available for Pre-Order Now!


We are so grateful for all the support we received for Little Visions. It feels good to know you're just as excited as we are to welcome this new trio to our family. Since our Kickstarter campaign was such a success, we were able to add a new series of prints and a Little Visions altar cloth to the collection as well! 

*While we are now open for pre-orders, please note that items in this collection will not ship until June 2022. 

Triple Little Visions - The complete set for $55 $60 Little Prisma Visions, Little Cosma Visions, and Little Light Visions


Little Prisma Visions and the Big Visions Book, a match made in heaven <3


Worlds Colliding - A new set of three prints featuring mirror cards from Cosma Visions and Prisma Visions together in one image. $15 each