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Number Four: FOUNDATION Prisma Visions Periodical James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards


we all need a little 4. number 4 is about foundation and stability. it is discipline and order. it's your reliable friend.

during number 4 I want to talk about my foundation. I've been creating divination tools for 10 years now, and if I told myself that 10 years ago I wouldn't have believed it. It wasn't what I thought I'd do, but I sure am I glad that I've traveled this path. the process of making something so involved has filled me in every way that I crave. making a deck is like making a piece of art, writing, and package design all in one. not to mention the symbolism. it's everything I love about creating wrapped in one thing and I don't think that is something I realized until more recently, perhaps even creating this sequence. 

The Cerulean Sequence Deck Prisma Visions

most of all though, I think it's in these 10 years that I've come to realize the impact that i can make on people. the messages I've received over time about someone connecting to something I have made has filled me more than anything else. to know that I can create something that I truly enjoy and then to give it away to the world and be responded to so warmly. it's become my foundation for why I make art. so thank you. 

I've got some cool new items planned for stretch goals, I'll announce it in number 5: CHANGE!

The campaign has ended but you can still pre-order the deck here to get it for $11 off! 


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