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An introduction to Geomancy

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is the ancient art of divination using the earth. One of the oldest forms of divination, Geomancy can be traced back to Arabic texts from the 6th century but is likely to have existed long before that. While there are several methods that fall under the category of Geomancy, the most prominent one uses 16 figures that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

In contrast with Tarot, Geomancy is used more as a method for retrieving answers to specific questions. Tarot cards in a reading seem to function as individual sections of a story, forming the larger picture of your subconscious, future, or past life and offering a variety of interpretations to be selected by the reader's intuition. Geomancy seems to seek answers in a more definitive way, showing us the truths of our predetermined fate and offering us the option to change our course solely by presenting that knowledge. It can be used to answer more direct, yes or no, questions and give us insight as to how a particular situation will unfold.

We've transcribed the geomantic figures onto coins using the 16 beings of Cosma Visions to represent the significance of each figure. We decided to use these beings in conjunction with the simple, geometric symbols of traditional geomancy to help foster stronger associations with the meanings of each figure and in turn, make it easier to learn!

In addition to these personified figures, we've included a coin for each of the elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth which can be used at the start of a reading to determine which figures to begin with in a reading.

Throughout the week, we will be posting helpful tips and resources to our blog and our social media accounts in order to help jumpstart your journey with Geomancy. We hope our guides spark your sense of intuition and magic and make the daunting task of learning a new method, more approachable. As a quick introduction, we suggest starting with this brief video made by James where he walks us through a reading. We suggest cross-referencing the following blog post while you watch to get a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of Geomancy.

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