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5.15.18 New Face, Same Shop, Secret Drop

5.15.18 New Face, Same Shop, Secret Drop

The shop was long overdue for a makeover, and after working on it this past week I am proud to announce it is now live!

You'll notice some things that are different with this new shop.


  1. All of the products are organized in the header with a detailed drop down menu in the collections tab. Here you will find a shop section for prints, for tarot cards, for miscellanea and for stickers!
  2. I've implemented a dynamic checkout button, if you have an account on our site you will notice a new “buy now” button on the product page. This lets you check out a single product and head straight to checkout. I’m hoping this will help some of you with print drops in the future. 
  3. After a long battle with myself I’ve decided to move the Prisma Visions shop inventory over to this shop. The Prisma Visions shop will remain up for a while, but you will now be able to find all of the tarot decks and products
  4. In an attempt to fill in the gaps, there’s a longer ‘about us’ section with photos of life here in the studio. 
  5. There is now a studio blog that we will update with print releases and the inside scoop on what we are working on here at the studio. You'll find the blog in the header of the shop. 
  6. There is also an extra hidden treat in the shop. There is a link to the secret drop somewhere in the shop. The link leads to something. 

To celebrate this new site, I have released a new miniature 8" x 8" print (or 3" x 3" depending how you look at it). "The Roots That Ground Us Set Us Free" is inspired by the thought that through stability, structure, and people in your life that you can rely on you are able to take more risks that get you closer to your own idea of freedom. This is an edition of 100, hand signed and numbered with deckled edges. Prints are up in the shop now for only $25. 

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