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Mystery Rituals Kit

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Our little kit for those seeking a message from the portal.

Light the herbs, arrange the stones on your altar and reflect on the card that was chosen. What is the card telling you? What is the energy of the stones that were selected and could they be signaling to certain areas of your life that need attention?

Each Mystery Rituals Kit includes:

• A mystery tarot or lenormand card drawn especially for you!

• 3 intuitively chosen rough stones

• Set of 5 skeleton keys to aid you in unlocking psychic doors

• Your choice of 4" herb wand

Mugwort for bringing your dreams and psychic visions out of the shadows.
Eucalyptus for breaking cycles and rejuvenating your spirit.
Desert Sage for mending emotional wounds and calling back your strength.
Royal Sage for cleansing your home and your mind and to support a still atmosphere for meditation.
Black Sage for powerful protection against harmful energies and high-stress situations.

Please note that explanations for the cards and names and meanings of the stones are not included in this kit. Use this kit responsibly and never leave a burning herb wand unattended.

Questions? send us an email at