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Getting Familiar with the Green Glyphs Oracle

Getting to know an oracle deck may seem overwhelming at first. After all, oracle decks are often shrouded in mystery and drenched in intricate symbolism. Unlike the traditional tarot deck, an oracle deck does not adhere to a standardized structure and rather the readers use their own intuition and creativity to arrive at personal interpretations of each card.

🕯️ The Green Glyphs Oracle helps soften you into oracle readings with bold and easy-to-decipher imagery. 🕯️

One of the ways to become familiar with oracle cards is by borrowing a method used in the Lenormand practice - reading in pairs or creating oracle poems. Simply pull two cards and create an interpretive sentence with the first card being the theme and the second card the descriptive. This exercise will provide you with a greater comprehension of each card and how they work together.

The Green Glyphs Oracle is arriving soon and will join a growing collection of oracle decks in the Prisma Visions Universe! 🧚‍♀️ ✨

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