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3.26.20 A Limited Run of.. Puzzles!

3.26.20 A Limited Run of.. Puzzles!


I've heard the whisperings of people wanting puzzles for a long time and now here we are, stuck at home with time on our hands and busy minds worrying about the future. Puzzles can be healing, they use both sides of the brain and give idle hands something to do. I put a "poll" out last week to figure out which puzzles we wanted the most, as usual it was pretty split but it gave me some ideas. I was going to just make one, but knowing me I decided to do two.

So I present you with two options. An 18" x 24" 500 piece puzzle of "The Telling Hour" and a 20" x 28" 1000 piece puzzle of "The Waterlily House". Both puzzles will come in custom boxes (sorry for the crude mock-ups, the design of the box is subject to change). Puzzles will be produced here in the US (hello economy!). These will likely be runs of around 100-250, which is why the production cost is high and which is why these puzzles may be a bit more than you would normally spend on a puzzle. They are a limited release and talk about a collector's item!! 

This will be a timed release and puzzle orders will be considered pre-orders since I won't be putting the full order in until the sales period ends. That means it will likely be another 2 weeks until the puzzles are in my hands. Since it is only me working in the studio now, things are taking longer to complete. I ask for your patience in getting these out, and I will try my hardest to be timely and efficient. 

Puzzles will go up in the shop today, March 26th at Noon Pacific Time and the timed release will end on Monday, March 30th at Noon Pacific Time. 

Additionally, I've added gift cards to the shop. These gift cards can be used for anything including Prisma Visions and other card decks, merch and limited edition prints. Once purchased you'll get an email with a unique code that can be used in the future. These do not expire. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind messages this week or placed an order. Even though we are separated through this, it is comforting to know we are all sharing this universal struggle. I hope this email has found you well and practicing social distancing whenever possible.

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