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2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year again. On friday there will be some special things happening in the shop, including free shipping on orders over $100 within the US for the entire weekend!

What's New!

The Golden Hour

The main release this holiday will be "The Golden Hour", a continuation of the Hours series. 

The golden hour; when each path is illuminated and there is a certain color in every choice, yet only the birds have seen of where these choices may lead.

"The Golden Hour" is a 20" x 30" high quality giclee print inspired by an amalgamation of previous prints. If you look closely you can find allusions to "The Dusking Hour", "Finding Alakzaoo", "The Dawning Hour" "The Waterlily House" "Big King Cap" "Floating Bottles" "The Fool" "The Emperor" and "The Twenty Third Hour".

Prints will be available in timed edition style with the size of the edition determined at the end of the sale period. All prints will be hand signed and numbered and embossed in the right hand corner. You can view more details of the new print here. $125

Stay Lit

"Stay Lit" is the limited edition release for this holiday. It was a piece I made back in 2013 when I was living in New York in the middle of the hottest summer and features a cast of characters melting into a strawberry cake. There was an original edition of 15 prints, of which I sold maybe half. The rest of the edition was lost and this was voted on in the studio as a print to bring back. I haven't really done a second edition of prints before, and I wouldn't normally. but with a change in the color of the print as well as the border and a lack of prints actually out in the world, I think it is fitting here.

"Stay Lit" is an 18" x 24" print hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 40. $75

Mystery Prints

Misprint Mystery Print Tube! We have a few misprints from recent and old editions gathering up in the flat files, there will about 50 mystery tubes available. Limited to one/person, all prints valued over $75.


I'm putting up the last batch of Microvisions from the previous release. There will be 20 packs of Microvisions available in the shop, these are cut down from old prints and is the remainder of the last batch of Microvisions. There are no 2018 prints in this batch. $40

Resurfaced Editions

I've held back a few prints from the editions below. These will resurface in the shop on Friday at 11AM PST along with the new release. There are only a few available from each edition. You will find them in the Holiday Collection in the shop. $75 - 125

Gift Guidance

If you're stuck on stocking stuffers we've got you covered. There are some suggestions on great holiday gifts below, or head to the Holiday Collection to browse around. 

Prisma Visions

If you’ve got a friend that you just don’t know what to get them, Prisma Visions may be your answer. It’s a great deck for beginners as it comes with a full 100 page guide and also doubles as a box of art! With free shipping, this is a great time for you to snag that deck you've been dreaming about. $45



We’ve got notebooks in the shop in Small, Medium and Large sizes created in our studio from recycled screenprints. $10- $30



We have a bunch of stickers available in the shop for only a $1 and make great stocking stuffers. Christmas Treehouse stickers are back! $1 - $4

Free shipping will start with the release on Friday at 11am and go until the end of Monday. Our last day for shipping this year will be December 20th.

Thank you all for a wonderful year, wishing you the best this season. 

Happy Holidays!

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