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10.2.19 New Print: The Universe Blooming

10.2.19 New Print: The Universe Blooming

The Universe Blooming

On Thursday I will be releasing a new print, The Universe Blooming. There will be two editions available - a small edition of 24K Gold Leaf prints and a regular timed edition with a clear gloss ink, much like the Moonflowers for Time Travelers release last year.

The Universe Blooming was created earlier this year on a large 24" x 28" wood panel with pastel and gouache. I wanted to stay true to the size of the original piece so this is quite a large print - measuring at 24" x 28". Like the rest of the original paintings, this piece was professionally photographed which helped keep the vibrancy and texture of the original piece. 

Both editions have a layer of screenprinting: The timed edition is a high quality giclee print with a final layer of clear gloss ink that reveals the crescent moon and the particles falling through the air just as the light hits it right. 

The 24K Goldleaf edition is created by printing a layer of transparent tack on the print and then once the tack settles sheets of 24K gold leaf are applied by hand and brushed off with a goat hair brush. Each print takes approximately seven sheets of gold leaf to complete. This edition is limited to 33 prints.


Both editions will be available on Thursday, October 3rd at 3PM Pacific Time at

The timed edition will run until Sunday October 6th at 3PM and the edition size will then be determined after the sale period ends. Prints will not be available again once the timed edition ends!

Much Love, 

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