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Free Print of the Month: The Magician

Our free* print of the month is The Magician from the newly released Green Glyphs Tarot!

The Magician represents creative power and manifestation. It suggests that we all have the internal fire to set our goals in motion. 

An excerpt from the Green Glyphs GlossaryThe Magician is master of the environment around them. With a wand in their hand, they levitate a cup, a sword and a stone. They can use the power of creation to bend and twist the world in their favor. The Magician holds the magic of Wands, Cups, Swords and Stones--a symbol of how we all have the potential for greatness. It only requires that we tap into it.

*Orders placed in October will get a giclee print of The Magician from the Green Glyphs Tarot.

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