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Aries Season is Upon Us! Prisma Visions Blog James R. Eads fine art prints and Prisma Visions tarot cards

Aries Season is Upon Us!

Tarot and the stars are profoundly intertwined.

Individuals born under the Aries Sun can likely align with qualities ascribed to The Emperor card in Tarot. The formidable nature found in both spirits blend harmoniously.

The Emperor radiates with great power, authority, and influence. This intensity challenges us to become the better versions of ourselves. The Emperor relishes in structure and believes that these environments are where we can meaningfully grow. The dynamism of the commanding Emperor, is the ability to funnel their power into the greater good - motivating, assisting, and supporting others. Much like an Aries Sun living within their full potential - they are a true ball of fire! ☄️ Leading with assertive action and a bulletproof will, the ram believes their dreams can be actualized through regimen and unfaltering determination. The infectious personality of Aries keeps spirits high and provide others with great examples of true leadership. ✨

Harness the power of the Emperor card throughout Aries season through meditation or keeping the card with you as a talisman. This astrological season is packed with potent energy that can aid in powerful manifestations.

Let The Emperor be your willing guide and, Aries, the constellation that lights your night sky. 🌌


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