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10.11.21 Samhain Spread

Samhain Tarot Spread

This is a simple, three-card spread, honoring the spirit of Samhain.

The top card represents the night sky, forces we cannot control, the uncertainty of darkness. It symbolizes the obstacles or challenges that are on the horizon as winter approaches.

The middle card represents the self, specifically, that which you must preserve in yourself as you navigate the obscured dangers represented by the card above. In the context of fall being the end of the harvest season, this card is what you must keep through the winter to have nourishment. It is what will give you strength to survive the season.

The bottom card represents that which lies below the earth. It represents messages from the dead, ancestral knowledge that will help you navigate the dark uncertainty of the night and give you much needed insight, integral to your growth. Whether it be an unpleasant truth that you must confront or a hidden pattern in your familial history.

Since Samhain celebrates the thinning of the veil that separates the spirit world and the mortal world, it is a great time to open lines of communication between yourself and unseen spirits *responsibly* !

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